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Mini Taser Stun Gun

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Additional functions :

  • Product Description :
    High power,shock torch, defense shock,Taser Stun Gun,taser gun,mini taser,strong taser flashlight

    (1) Output high-pressure:600 million volts
    (2) Charging time: 10 hours
    (3) Function: taser/shock, flashlight
    (4) Battery: built-in rechargeable battery

    Attention Please:
    The device should be re-charge at least once a month to prolong it's useful time.
    Please turn on the light (lamp) to outlet all the power before recharging it.
    Please DO NOT use it when it's charging.
    Please keep the device in an appropriate place, which should be dry,normal temperature, and chrildren unreachable.
    Forbidden to use it to chrildren, pets, or any people who has any kinds of heart disease.
    Please read the instruction, and warning before using the device.
    The shock ordered will be used in a lawful manner and that he/she is of legal age to possess such items.


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